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EP 16 Be Still and Know

Spiritual Growth

Speaker 1 (00:04): So according I wanted to talk about this particular quote that I read in the book and tie it back to some other quotes in the book as well. But the quote that I wanted to focus on today was that this quote, the living Christ is the Christ of love, who […]

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EP 17 Holy Noticing

Spiritual Growth

Speaker 1 (00:00): Hello friends. I wanted to drop in just a little short episode to talk about a book that I am reading, and it kind of goes along with the living Buddha living Christ. It’s called holy noticing by Charles Stone. And a friend of mine introduced this book to me. And so […]

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EP 11 Winning the War in your mind

Renewing Your Mind

Speaker 1 (00:03): Welcome to the renewal session, where mother and daughter, therapist talk about reclaiming your purpose, redefining your relationships and renewing your mind by combining therapy and faith. These two women of different ages, different perspectives and different opinions tackle the how to, of transformation and share the behind the scenes on others […]

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EP 7 What is Killing your Spiritual Growth?

Spiritual Growth

One this week’s Episode Katie and I will be talking about Spiritual Growth and the obstacles that many of us have to overcome as we grow in our relationship with Christ Mary Ann (00:33): Welcome back to this week’s episode of the renewal session today I have on a special guest, Katie, my daughter. Hi […]

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More About Mags

Hey There, I’m Mary Ann, a Christian Therapist for more than a decade, Life Coach and Identity and Calling Mentor
Most days you can find me helping clients with the messy and meaningful things of life. I am mostly known for being a Christ follower, Wife and Mother to two adult children. If you were to ask people what I am like, they would say “ what you see if what you get”, funny, authentic, and unfiltered truth. I love teaching people about how to use counseling ideas to lead them to deeper spiritual growth. I am passionate about helping people become who they were created to be.

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