Then you’re in the right place. I’m Mary Ann Griffith and after 15 years being a licensed counselor I realized there was a need to partner therapy with faith. To explore new and unique ways to uncover who you truly are! I'm all about helping people Refine their purpose, Redefine their relationships and Renew their minds. I believe that we can deepen our walk with God and allow him to guide us on our journey while understanding how he created us.

In this podcast you will find, spiritual gifts coaching, purpose framework work, relationship discernment, mindset and heart work transformation, christian therapy and renewing your mind by battling the inner critics and armoring up with the word of God!

If you’re ready to become the change-maker in your life, deepen your relationships, and walk in your God-crafted calling, this is the podcast for you! You are perfectly and wonderfully made, it’s time to stand in your truth

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Are you tired of wondering what you were created for? What your true identity is? Do you feel frustrated and stuck? Feel like everyone is passing you by while you wonder where to get started? Are you struggling with fitting into the perfect Christian mold? Do you wonder if there’s more to your spiritual growth that you’re missing?

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