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EP 6 Do I struggle with Jealousy or Envy?

Redefine your relationships

Mary Ann (00:00): All right, we’re going to jump right into that real conversation. And we’re going to talk about internal dialogues today. It’s not exactly anybody’s favorite subject, but I can guarantee that when you begin to pay attention to these dialogues, you can start figuring out like what’s going on with me. What […]

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Hey There, I’m Mary Ann, a Christian Therapist for more than a decade, Life Coach and Identity and Calling Mentor
Most days you can find me helping clients with the messy and meaningful things of life. I am mostly known for being a Christ follower, Wife and Mother to two adult children. If you were to ask people what I am like, they would say “ what you see if what you get”, funny, authentic, and unfiltered truth. I love teaching people about how to use counseling ideas to lead them to deeper spiritual growth. I am passionate about helping people become who they were created to be.

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